Worst and best times to travel to these countries

North America

Hawaii – Hotel rates are at their highest in December, but also the wettest month of the year. Great time to go is April, May, September, and October

Florida – June to September is very hot, humid, and rainy. Our favorite time to visit is the tail ends of Summer – May, and October

Canada (Vancouver) – February is super rainy. Great times to visit are March to June or September to October when the weather is nice and mild

New York – August is humid, October and September are best, and holiday season if you are into that

Central America

Mexico (Riviera Maya) – June – July, hot, busy, expensive. The best times to visit are December and April when there is virtually no rain

Costa Rica – October is their rainy season, lots of it. Similar advice above for best times


The United Kingdom – October is their rainiest season while March to early to June is their tame mild time of year

Iceland – between December and March. There are only around 5 hours of daylight. The only good thing about visiting during its period is you can see the Northern Lights. The best time is July and August for midnight sun and warmer temperatures

Amsterdam – October has lots of rain and wind. The best times in our mind is May or September

Sweden – March, and April as it lacks color and cold

Venice – November has a high chance of fog and tide

Belgium – January and February, holiday feeling is gone, wet, cold, dark and snow

Paris – November end or December first half. Raining and cold

Rome – November always raining

Amalfi Coast – November always rainy, all shops and restaurants are closed

Poland – November is very grey and depressing

Mykonos – March is cold


Japan – August is wet and hot

Hong Kong – August is very hot and crowded

Phillippines – late July, early August is the rainy season

The Maldives – May and June lots of rain. October, January – April is a good time to go

Israel – December can be cold and miserable, August is hot and dry

India – May – June is insanely hot

Vietnam – August – October is flood and rain season

Middle East

The United Arab Emirates – May – September is their long summer, very hot

Turkey – June to September, the best time to visit is September to November

South America

Brazil – March has lots of rain


Sydney – February is very hot and June – September is their winter