World’s Largest Cruise Ship | Podcast

Symphony of Seas - Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean recently released a new ship to its fleet called ‘Symphony of the Seas’, the world’s largest cruise ship. This moving compound is 16 stories tall and accommodates 5,500+ passengers. In this episode, we talk with a Royal Caribbean representative (has been on 70 cruises with RC) on the onboard experience and what travelers can expect.

Royal Caribbean visits more than 300 destinations, covering the Caribbean (of course) the Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, North America, Asia, South Pacific and also some specialty cruises like South America and Antarctica.

Currently with 26 ships. RC has been very innovative with technology and ship design, hence changing the Ocean cruise industry with Symphony of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean is known to be very family-friendly and kid-friendly offering travelers choices, a common theme in this episode.

We will take a deep dive into the experience aboard ‘Symphony of the Seas’ and what you can expect!

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