Guide to Visiting Monserrat in Spain

One of the gems of traveling to Barcelona is visiting the multi-peaked mountain range known as Montserrat. This off the grid location offers some of the most incredible views of the Spanish Catalan range and enables amazing climbing/hiking opportunities. Some easy and some difficult. You can buy tickets online by CLICKING HERE.


About an hour Train ride from Barcelona you can be easily directed to this location by multiple train lines. There are many “Train Gates” you can find the directory and tickets for visiting Montserrat. 

The Barcelona train station Plaça espanya to Montserrat takes just over an hour and you can purchase tickets on the day. However because of the various routes up and down the mountain, the ticket options can be a little confusing.

The first Barcelona to Montserrat train is 8:36 and then runs every hour until 16:36. Coming back from Montserrat, the last train to Barcelona leaves at 18:41 and prior to that runs every hour from 9:41.



There are many trails you can hike to capture some spectacular views, but you must get up there first. There are two ways to get up to the Mountain. You can ride up by car, in which they offer, through windy narrow roads along the cliffside, or you can cable car while hanging from a wire riding directly to the top. Although both sound daring, the cable car ride offers the best experience for the naked eye. The ride will take you to the center and brings you to the unexpected main building. They have food for lunch, souvenir shops and an info center.

At first, this was not expected, but came in handy as you are treated to a much needed bathroom and food break after a hike. The reality of the above photo is right off from the main building on the mountain. The structure overlooks the town below, but it is fenced in. Some may know or seen this picture from others, but do not be fooled, officers may come running after you if you decide the photo is important.

The views are wonderful, there is lots to see and can decided on how much of a challenge you are wanting to get into upon arriving.  Bring a good pair of shoes, a day pack and water. There is a restaurant and cafe for food and drinks as well.

Pick a nice day and enjoy the day trip to Montserrat.