Vacations don’t last forever (video)

Before we book that next vacation we all so “need” and deserve”, read this.

The pent-up desire to travel is real. We get it. For me, being stuck in a studio apartment for 7 months working on the side of a bed in the middle of a kitchen can get pretty mundane. Balcony ocean views and a massage sound nice right about now.

I’ve done my fair share of traveling – a spoiled amount, but that’s the price you pay when you work in the industry; low pay, high experiences.

With a long break off the suitcase, I’ve reflected on some of my past experiences. The thing I’ve realized, Italy won’t make you happy, the treasury of Jordan won’t make you happy, the Mykonos clubs, Portugal beaches, Paris cafes, none of it. When I mean happiness I mean that long-lasting stuff, the days you sit alone with nothing to do.

On any vacation, Sunday will come around and we will fly back to where we left from. There are ways to enjoy a vacation or a getaway, of course, there are ways to come home fulfilled and ready to tackle the workweek. What we want to address is, if you are sad before you leave, you will be sad when you are back, eventually.

Vacations are temporary.

“How could you say this? Only a rotten kid. Being sad and miserable on the brink of winter in Minnesota is normal. It sucks. A Mexico vacation will absolutely, positively bring me happiness”.

My theory is, if we escape an unpleasant situation, we will always return to it – if you anticipate returning of course.

Don’t get me wrong, my travels have enriched my life. My worldview has altered in a way that will have positive impacts for years to come. But, we won’t spend the rest of our lives in world-class hotels, airplanes, and scenic drives up and down the Amalfi Coast. While I want everyone to indulge in similar experiences, the quality of life does not come from vacations.

You know the energy you have on the first day of the trip? Waking up at 5:00 am suddenly becomes easier. Eyes seem clearer. Vibes seem higher. We wish to incorporate this into our daily lives. Our Monday through Friday. That excitement, that energy.

The days between your 2 vacations per year are most important.

First day of the trip.