Random and unnecessary travel essentials for your next plane ride (video)

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“Travel Essentials You Must Travel With” is a popular blog post that gets updated monthly. In this series “Reacting to random and unnecessary travel essentials” we break down the innovative and ridiculous items we might see on Facebook…

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There is an art to being a prepared traveler. Not only does it require a lot of reps, but real self-awareness. Here is our list of the most unnecessary essentials for your next flight. If you are looking to be a hero, this post is for you.

1. Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

Unfortunately, this can only be used on a chartered/private flight, but this setup would take rides to a new level.

2. Universal Airplane in-Flight phone mount

In case your flight does not have entertainment or you wish to use your AirPods, this mount will allow you to go hands-free.

3. Travel Bread Airplane Footrest Hammock

If you are feeling lazy, or even restless. getting the feet north is always a nice option.


4. Disposable Mini Toothbrush

The most underrated plane essential for when landing. Plane and mask breathe are not a great combination; more necessary now than ever before.

5. 1Above Hydration, Immunity Recovery & Anti Jet Lag Effervescent Drink Tablets

If you are feeling precautionary, this recovery solution just might save your first day of vaca.


6. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Feeling adventurous, the cocktail kit will give you a chic drink on demand.

7. World’s First Window Shelf

For passengers looking to increase their window seat space and stay organized the spAIRTray is one of a kind. This device is foldable and packs in your carry-on and it’s ridiculously easy to install.