TSA shy of 1 million travelers since March 16…until now.

About a year ago, TSA was averaging 2 million travelers a day. Today, TSA has been shy of 1 million since March 16th…that is until Thursday, October 15th…

On October 15, 2020, TSA recorded over 1 million travelers nationwide. These numbers validate one thing: people are becoming less hesitant to travel and more are punching in their ticket. As the snow begins to fall and colder weather approaches, people have had enough.

There will always be hope for the industry. This pandemic might have brought the industry to its knees, but travel isn’t going anywhere. Marriot will have rooms, Delta will fly planes, and travelers will go to the airport. As the holiday season closes in, the number of travelers going through TSA are growing.

We recently discussed the popular blog headline “Is it safe to travel for the holidays?”. Every media outlet releases a new post once a month as if things have changed since April. Sure, airlines and hotels have had time to adjust, but the safety of airplanes remains the same.

The decision to fly is ultimately up to the individual, we all have the ability to weigh our own personal risks.

Let’s all come to a fair and equal conclusion…

If you are flying, should you wear a mask? Yes. Should you stand 6 feet apart? Yes. Should you wash your hands? Never changed, yes. Should you consider rethinking if you are over the age of 65+?  Up to you. If you have underlying conditions should you stay home? Yes. Should you fly at all? If you are willing to follow the rules and understand the possible risk, YES, of course.

Is it selfish to fly? No. If you have any more questions, take it up with your local health provider. If you have a problem with traveling or flying responsibly, take it up with Ed Bastian.