TSA finding more dildos at airport than ever before

All bullshit aside, no bachelor party will ever come close to the debauchery we saw in The Hangover movie. The truth is, bachelor parties (maybe not bachelorette) are much more low-key, despite their scandalous reputation.

Coronavirus squashed every bachelor golf weekend and bachelorette’s boozy, three-day penis extravaganza in New Orleans. As we know, the energy on the first day of the trip can not be matched, and it starts at the airport.

Airport pranks and degeneracy or what many may call ‘simping’ can be found nationwide. Perhaps this is directly correlated to the TikTok and social fame that comes with a perfectly executed prank, so it may seem. Whether it’s the fake outlet sticker prank or now, stashing dildos in the bachelor or bachelorette carry-on. TSA and airport security responsibility list has grown.

One prank in particular has stood out to us. Airport security reports more dildos are being found in carry-ons than ever before and I think we can explain why.

Airport prank number 2. I can’t imagine being the one to receive it, in my bag, nowhere else.

Attaching a dildo to a bottle of water so the bag gets searched is a trick that continues to give. Let’s play this out quickly. The victim sees his/her bag gets pushed to the wrong side of the converter belt and the blood starts to boil. “Did I leave something in there that I shouldn’t have?” “Is this asshole really going to check my bag?”. Things aren’t off to a great start. Kirk the average Joe TSA agent at the Pittsburgh airport flings out a well oiled, never used, dildo. The scene begins to draw in at the security line. The dildo is confiscated and never seen again.

Believe it or not, nothing gets by airport security, and as Stainer would say: TSA, motherfucker!