Traveler 006: $35,000/night private island in the Maldives

Delta turned around an entire flight 

Two passengers refused to wear face masks on a recent Delta flight from Detroit to Atlanta. 100 other idiots have been added to the no-flight list as well, according to Delta Air Lines/CEO Ed Bastian.

The Point Guy best airline of 2020

2020 is a weird year. Instead of judging on usual criteria like ticket price, timeliness, and features, now it is based on how each airline responded to the pandemic.

Rent a Maldives island for 35,000 a night

The catch? maximum of 50 guests at a time for a minimum of three nights. If you do the math, $35,000 per night split between 50 people amounts up to $700 per night, per guest. The island houses 20 luxurious villas, all with private pools along with personalized butler service for each villa that is available 24 hours a day.

Domestic Destination of the Week

Travel is a personal choice, leaving this one up to you.

Southwest speaking up

No shooters can be opened on the plane? Nothing new there, improvise.