The Traveler Rundown 003: Disney magic is back, all-inclusive resorts, and Zac Efron?

The Traveler is now 3 episodes deep. We are learning, growing, and bringing the common traveler everything we have. This is our first Thursday episode. We have decided to publish two episodes a week, every Tuesday and Thursday.

The idea is to make the videos shorter, so our views go up (for real) and spread the content out.

The Traveler 003:

Flying on all 4 major US airlines

“Delta Air Lines is the clear winner here, as nearly every aspect of a flight has been revised to become more passenger-friendly during this pandemic while not compromising too much on service. From placards and informational signage in the gate area to blocking middle seats and maintaining an in-flight service, albeit limited, Delta is leading the way in multiple aspects.”

Zac Efron?

Making his Netflix debut whilst visiting countries around the world showcasing their practices for a sustainable future.
All-inclusive hot take

Disney Magic is back?

Disney World with plans to re-open the park starting July 11. While seeing some push back the safety measures in place seem right and 48,000 employees agree. 

Shameless plug

Our website is rarely publicly advertised. This may or may not be the first time we have spoken about it…