The Traveler Rundown 002: beach holidays within reach, masks for everyone and more

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Price of Travel 

One travel expert shared, “Airlines are going to have to do anything they can to get people back into the skies, whether that’s a free checked bag on your first flight back or whatever,”. “I think the offers will be really, really good.”

Airline executives on the other hand expect fewer flights and a decrease in demand for the foreseeable future, (not me) which would mean that they would have to employ a smaller workforce, fly certain routes less often to fill up seats and even ground entire planes. Less capacity = higher prices.

High coronavirus infection rates in the U.S.

“There’s a compromise to find between the need to reopen and restart the economy, and the need for an approach to limit the transmission of the virus from one country to another”. We don’t want to transmit the disease to other countries, but if you test negatively prior to your flight, you should be allowed to go. Are we missing something here?

The European Union Travel Ban is still in place

As we mentioned in our last episode, the US Is Europe’s No. 1 Long-Haul Tourism Market –and the tourist drought is set to cost the industry billions. The protests are looking different in Italy, they are demanding tourists…This is revisited every 2 weeks.

A dreamy seaside escape isn’t out of reach.

Skip Europe travel, they never wanted us there anyway. Some Caribbean islands, world-renowned for their beaches and blue waters, are carefully reopening their borders to international visitors, US included, under a few restrictions.

Visitors will be asked to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test that was taken within three days before their arrival. If they’re planning on staying more than a week, they are required to take a second test on the seventh day after they arrive.

Trump Administration stepping in

The Trump Administration announced air travelers should wear face coverings like masks and announced a series of other guidelines aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 in air travel. Major U.S. airlines require air travelers to wear masks onboard flights and have recently warned travelers that they will refuse service to customers who don’t comply, with a few exceptions like medical issues. “Wearing a mask or cloth face covering is particularly necessary any time social distancing cannot be maintained.”

Taiwan offers fake flights to keep holiday-starved tourists happy 

The fake flight experience is being offered to people at Taipei’s downtown Songshan airport. Around 7,000 people applied to take part in the experience with 60 winners chosen at random. The winners got boarding passes, were allowed through security, and boarded a China Airlines A330 plane. The airport is using the event to show off renovations completed while passengers have stayed away and show people what coronavirus-prevention steps they are taking.

Domestic Destination of the Week 

National Parks are trending.



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