The green screen on TikTok is now on our bucket-list and you need to know where it is.

We are all familiar with the green screen on TikTok, but did you know this place exists for real?

I’ve been on TikTok for almost a year now. A platform I never thought I would join, an early mistake. Sure I’ve sold out a few times since being apart of the community; posted with the trends, and made myself look like a fool, but sometimes you have to sacrifice your soul for a positive reaction. Let’s all be honest, your video hitting a million views is an addictive feeling. I don’t play for the views or follows, but I play for keeps. We can’t deny a positive reaction is fun and no other platform would allow it to happen at this scale.

For me, original content doesn’t seem to be admired, so for the few times I have caved, it was all for the better. One video of mine in particular popped off while using the green screen effect.

Let me try to explain this to all you non-tiktokers. There are many great effects and filters when building a video like Snapchat, but one of TikTok’s most popular is the ‘green screen’. This effect is exactly what it reads, the ability to upload a video or photo and stand in front of like any green screen would allow you to do.

As I mentioned, I’ve done it and according to TikTok so have 142.7 billion others…

When you use this effect, you first see the default image. It is not just an image, but a place you can indeed visit. Why did they choose this? Perhaps, the point was to incorporate an image that looks somewhat familiar, but not one you can call out right away.

After many hours spent on Tiktok, we are finally able to pin one of the most popular background pictures of all time? Beating Apple’s selection of wallpapers?

Thanks to Idalia Salsamendi she officially uncovered the location in real-time, respectfully on Tiktok.

Spain la Palma del Condado

Pin it, put it on the bucket list, we are declaring this location a National Landmark.