The best airport food money can buy – no cap

Any young millennial will tell you the best lunch dates were with mom at the mall. Shout out Nancy for buying. Only there and an airport will you find an Auntie Anne’s.

I find myself missing those days more now than ever.

Auntie Anne’s is known for being in places you would never expect it – airport terminals and shitty sections of malls, tracking the smell for miles. Our source, Eater, says all 1,500 locations are “thriving in non-traditional retail spaces”.

Yes, finding the right on-the-go snack is tough, “nothing is healthy nowadays”. The truth is, a fresh pretzel will always be more enticing than Subway in the food court.

The beauty of Auntie pretzels? — fewer decisions to make. We have the standard pretzel, the pretzel bites, and a pretzel dog with dips and toppings to go with it. Did I mention all can be carried and enjoyed on the go?

“Now imagine you’re in an airport at the bad terminal, the one you know hasn’t been renovated in 40 years, with stained carpets and no readily accessible outlets. There’s no shiny new Shake Shack or even a Starbucks. There’s a coffee counter at the Hudson News, along with pre-packaged egg salad sandwiches and a basket of red delicious apples that have been touched by approximately a million hands. But take a deep breath. Do you smell that? The scent that reminds you things aren’t great, but they will be fine. It’s Auntie Anne’s, not just cheap and filling, but actively enticing. In a place where you’re just looking for something to fill your stomach, what a luxury to eat something you actually crave.” – Eater

With travel now limited and unfortunately frowned upon, Auntie Anne’s is more of a tease. Im guilty, my mouth is watering thinking about it, but the point is I want to be in the vicinity of an Auntie Anne’s. This means I’m waiting at the airport for my boarding call, or I guess at the mall with my mom…I can no longer hold back this temptation.

As Eater says, “I don’t want Auntie Anne’s to be my go-to comfort food, available whenever I’m craving something greasy. Don’t send me their at-home kits or even build one in a major city”. Their business model thrives on the obscurity of when and where you’ll indulge in your next pretzel with cheese. “The real comfort is standing in Minneapolis Airport, munching on a pretzel, waiting to board.” – Adam.