The best AirBnB’s in Joshua Tree for all Tree Trippers

A trip to Joshua Tree might be the ticket. Now more than ever with COVID, travelers are looking to venture out into nature. A two-hour drive east of Los Angeles, this part of the Mojave Desert has long been an outlet for the free thinker on a self-discovery.

“To fully immerse yourself in the magic of this offbeat desert town, make sure you stay somewhere that perfectly aligns with the local vibe, like a converted airstream or an impeccably redesigned pueblo-style casita.”

These are our top picks for Airbnbs in Joshua Tree. *Prices vary on season*

1. Whisper Rock Ranch

(2 bed – $654/night)

2. Merchant on the road airstream

(1 bed – $170/night)

3. Casa Mami Pioneertown

(2 bed – $292/night)

4. The Joshua Tree House

(2 bed, 6 guests – $300/night)


(3 beds – $336/night)