Staying at the Riad BE and Private House in Marrakech


Riad BE is a magical riad right in the Medina of Marrakech, a stunning accommodation with an authentic Moroccan aesthetic. In the chaos of Marrakech, you can settle in at Riad BE for a retreat that doesn’t sacrifice the cultural experiences of the city.


Booking a riad in Marrakech can be quite difficult, availability is slim and many places don’t respond due to the amount of booking inquiries. Riad BE offered a very responsive approach to booking us a room. We emailed, requested a room on the dates we needed and heard back from them all in a 5 hour period.

There are a few options; staying in the main house, which offers both accommodations in the new and old riads or staying in the Private House. The Private House is just a few minutes away from the main house.

Once Nicole and Mo confirm availability you can book the room.




The main house has two sections, The Oasis, and The Essence. The Oasis is the original riad and The Essence was added in the last few years.

Upstairs, the rooftop opens up to a view over the Medina. Up here you can enjoy cozy candlelit lounging on classic Moroccan rugs and cushions. Dinner and lunch are served up here every day, you just have to let Mo and Nicole know you want a meal when booking.



The Oasis is the original riad boasting an authentic, Moroccan paradise. There are 5 rooms that accommodate 2 people and 1 room accommodates 4. The rooms are as gorgeous as the riad, a garden oasis that makes you feel right at home in Marrakech.

The rooms in The Oasis range from 110 Euros to 190 Euros.



The Essence is the newest riad of the two with a more modern style. The Essence offers 4 rooms surrounding its riad, each room accommodates 2 people. The rooms are not only elegantly designed and decorated but also cozy and homey all at the same time.

The rooms in The Essence range from 110 Euros to 150 Euros.


Lucky for us, we were able to stay in the Private House during our time in Marrakech. The gorgeous 3-level home is just a 10-minute walk from the main house. It is your own private mini-mansion.  Staying at The Private House gives you full access to all of the amenities of the main house while having the privacy of your own Moroccan oasis just a mile away.

We were taken there by Tuk Tuk with our bags. You can call The Main House anytime you want to go back and they will send a Tuk Tuk in about 15 minutes. Once you arrive at The Private House, you will receive a tour and a fresh cup of tea.

The main floor offers a half bath, large sectional couch, dining table, and a full kitchen. It is perfect for groups of 4 or more, think Airbnb type.

There are 2 double bedrooms each with a bathroom connected. These are on the second floor. The rooms are spacious, each with its own air system.

As you climb up to the top floor, walk out to your own private rooftop terrace overlooking the entire Medina. Up here, enjoy sun chaises and a table for sunset dinners.

In the morning your own private chef will serve you breakfast. The service was impeccable and the food was a classic Moroccan cuisine.

The house was stocked with coffee, tea, water, shampoo & conditioner, fresh towels, and snacks. It was well kept and completely clean when we arrived. If you can, I highly recommend staying at The Private House.

Overall, staying at the Riad BE is a dream and the staff is incredibly welcoming, you truly can’t go wrong here. We recommend you book in advance, with gaining popularity and minimal rooms this place fills up quickly.