Guide to Partying in Ibiza

Ibiza is a place many never imagine visiting. After all these years “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” played on the radios, touching down in the EDM capital of the world finally became a reality.

The well-known correlation between music and Ibiza is more than real, and you will quickly find it is embedded in the thread of what this city lives on.

Driving from the airport to the hotel, it is evident. The outdoor media, without rules and regulations, every street pole, billboard, and sign were made up of a club, party, or DJ promotion.

No worries if you missed it, your cab driver will have every pamphlet and business card to call these promoters. Our experience was one to remember! Welcome to the City that brought EDM music popularity to life.


Ibiza is an island, with diversity to each side. The Southeast side of the island is where the music and parties live. The well-known Playa D’en Bossa is where you will want to go if that is your move. In Playa D’en Bossa, all hotels are club-friendly and incorporate some kind of party, entertainment by the pool (DJ), and tickets to shows, tours, and boats.

Don’t worry about missing a party, they are all in your face (as they should be). The hotels range from budget to luxury, where age does not play a significant role.

The Northwest side of the island consists of quiet beautiful beaches and families.

Everyone in Ibiza is generally there for the same reason! And for those that like to travel cheap when you can, you can stay anywhere in these areas.


Ibiza Town

For those that want to experience the more authentic, traditional side of Ibiza, staying in Ibiza Town itself is a great idea. Dalt Vila is a neighborhood that sits just above the harbor ideal for travelers who want to explore and experience the nightlife.

Sant Jordi de ses Salines

In the south of Ibiza Town is one of the main nightlife strips on the island. Past Platja d’en Bossa is Sant Jordi de ses Salines, where you can find Europe’s most famous nightclubs, massive venues like Bora Bora Ibiza, Hï Ibiza, and Ushuaïa Ibiza.

  1. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel
  2. Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa
  3. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Or of course, AirBnB always offers a great option

Playa de Portinatx

Found on the northern coast of Ibiza, Playa de Portinatx is a great place for families or newbies that want a taste of the nightlife and beach time.


This part is obvious, you came here for the love of the party, for the love of the music, to experience a place that is strictly revolved around bikinis, boats and dance parties.

You can jump into this without knowing where to party or who to see because your hotel will provide you with promo girls strictly advertising the deals; today’s event, hottest DJ’s and boat parties. If you have any questions they are there for you. You can buy tickets right then and there, charge it to your room and on your way, but if you are the type to plan before arriving,

HERE are a few things to keep in mind.



IbizaPhoto: Ibiza Spotlight

The well-know “double cherry” logo brings Pacha to the top of the list in Ibiza. For someone that is unfamiliar to the club world, this is an institution you have to visit once. Offering diversity within, the multi-levels range from a dance party and separate booth seating upstairs. Bars on every corner, bringing a different vibe, you will find yourself lost.


Located at the HardRock Hotel, Ushuaia is a large outdoor concert venue, with the hotel surrounding the entirety of the venue. The pool lies in the middle, surrounded by multiple bars and people partying on their hotel room balconies. This venue is home to some of the biggest shows and is the main attraction when it comes to Ibiza EDM concerts. Home to Kygo and Martin Garrix summer residency, Ushuaia puts on the largest concerts in Ibiza.


IbizaPhoto: Ibiza Spotlight

Amnesia is a well-known club, but a little further than most. The venue is absolutely massive, with a carnival above your head. The stage is the main attraction, the establishment is built around it. This club is for those that are trying to hit an inside music festival. Depending on the performer that night (listen to their music before), you will find yourself in the middle of a show.

Every Saturday from the end of May to the start of September, ‘Elrow’ throws one of the craziest parties in town. Seen in the photo above.


This is affiliated with the Pacha group located on the cliffs of Cap Martinet above the resort of Talamanca. Overlooking Ibiza town and Formenta there are two concepts to this club. Somedays it is used for open-air parties and when they are over you can visit the club hidden in the basement. An amazing scenic location, this one is most different than the others.


For you strong Dance fans, Space is one of the most rewarded clubs in the world…….Carl Cox residency back in 2001-2016. Some may say these clubs are tourist traps, but I cannot speak on a club experience I did not take part in. These clubs are most popular on the island (according to many), but this does not limit you to the many clubs around.

Explore, try new things, but I would highly recommend the ones listed above. Check out the lineup and who is playing that night, you never know who may be there!



Sure partying is the main attraction, but outside of the clubs, with an extra day on your schedule, check out one of the 80 beaches Ibiza has to offer.



Cala Jondal or Cala Olivera.


Cala Salada, Es Xarcu or Pou des Lleo.


Las Salinas, Ocean Beach or Playa d’en Bossa.


Cala Llenya is a quieter beach in Ibiza. The beach is just 10 minutes away from San Carlos, and it is on the smaller side.



Walk Ibiza Town

The capital and main hub on the island year-round. Known as the ‘Old Town’ or ‘Dalt Vila’ – has an authentic Spanish feel, built on the hillside with blocky white buildings and cobbled streets. Bars, terrace restaurants, fashion boutiques, and jewelry stores.

Ibiza Town Marina 

Check out the marina and enjoy some of the world’s best superyachts. All yachts have to be registered so if you are as interested as us, look up the name of the ship on google and you will find how much it is worth and who owns it. Something we love to do.

Es Vedra

Located just off the coast of Cala d’Hort on the western coast, Es Vedra is completely uninhabited that you can boat out to.

Eat at El Portalon

Head to the little hillside restaurant housed in a 600-yea-old palazzo in Ibiza. This low-key spot is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world.

Day trip to Formentera

To get away from the crowds for the day, Formentera is a great place to check out and catch some sun. Something different, a long stretch of beaches and great restaurants to check out. Plenty of time to go back, regroup and take Ibiza by storm.

Dinner and Show at Lio

Located in the Ibiza town marina, this restaurant is part of the Pacha group for good reason. After an incredible dinner, the show starts with a variety of styles, this includes acrobatic performances, comedians, singers, and dancers. A small ‘Cirque de Soleil’, so they say.


Don’t buy your club/party tickets at the door.

  • As you can imagine, there are many people that want to be at these parties on any given night. Without being slightly prepared, buying the tickets at the door before going in, will be twice as expensive rather than buying them at your hotel or online. Don’t pay for your tickets at the door. Easily avoidable.

Push through your hangover if you are thinking about day drinking.

  • The parties during the day; beach parties, boat parties, and pool parties are half the appeal in Ibiza. Do not miss your chance. Bora Bora and Blue Marlin are two beach clubs to consider.

You are in Ibiza, to peel off from the tip above, drink the coconut water.

  • You will be inevitably hungover, coconut water as you know is a game-changer. Take advantage, party your ass off.

Don’t rush the pregame.

  • In America the pregame usually ends at 10:30-11:00 pm then you make your way to the bar, but Ibiza isn’t awake then. Don’t rush your time on the island. Showing up before 12 am is unnecessary. Most clubs will offer drink specials and cheaper tickets, but the party doesn’t start till after 12 am. 12:30-1:00 am bar time. See you then.