Our Guide to Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville….a destination I never heavily considered, but knew I would get to one day, without much urgency or sacrifice…This trip happened straight out of left field…and is now a city I  recommend to everyone!

Nashville is growing in popularity, especially for the college students looking for a quick, cheap vacation. A destination for everyone; bachelorette parties, country music lovers, and rowdy Texas parents, Nashville is a party!  This trip was one of the more spontaneous trips I have taken. For what started out to be a trip of 5 , naturally ended with 10, all in one AirBnb.

The trip couldn’t have gone smoother, from the location of our cheap luxury AirBnb, to all the recommendations we had before going. This 14 hour drive from Minneapolis does not sound enticing by any means, and it is far from it, but we managed to get there and back without spending a fortune.

I felt this blog was necessary to write as we just arrived back in Minneapolis.  In hindsight, I truly feel Nashville is a place everyone needs to visit. And I am going to tell you why.  Being a 23 year old, visiting a new city is always something you look forward to, but still being in school you are limited to where you can go for that open weekend. Nashville is easily attainable under these circumstances……and if from the Midwest.

So there are limitations, but flights are very do-able. We left early Thursday morning making it to Nashville after 4-5 stops, by 6-7 o’clock. We stayed in a “neighborhood” called GULCH. We were recommended to stay here by a friend, just outside downtown and broadway, but within walking distance to the main drag (broadway).

If you are from Minneapolis is it comparable to North Loop. Very clean, nice, trendy area, but isn’t fully consumed with the Ritz and Raz (seen as a good thing to most). We all intended on having a good time on Broadway, listen to live music and bar hop. That is exactly what happened, and ended up being more exciting than I expected.

The turn on-to Broadway exceeded all sorts expectations and I am here to give you a few hints and tips on how to experience Nashville the way we did.



There are many AirBnB listings in Nashville, from downtown to outer areas, but we found an area called the Gulch, which is inside the freeway loop surrounding the city, yet just 3 blocks from one end of Broadway (12 minute walk to the heat of Broadway). The Gulch was a perfect area to stay. Parking was cheap (10 bucks/day) and plenty of cheap food options if you are looking to grab a quick meal, but also multiple Nashville KNOWN restaurants (I will list below).


We were fortunate to find a place a few days before leaving. The place was rented out by a company called UrbanNashville, who has multiple properties in the area. I highly recommend these guys. Self-check in, messages you everything you need to know, couldn’t have gone smoother. We stayed in an apartment complex, studio style, photos below! 



PEG LEG PORKER: Home of a family owned modernized barbecue spot, considered to be a fast-casual restaurant. The line was out the door, with a sneaky location you could tell everyone knew about this place. Your typical barbecue menu, pulled-pork sandwiches with your standard pick of sides, but for the price, you cannot beat it. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT, and order the mac and cheese.

BISCUIT LOVE: We noticed this place our first morning at 8:00AM, where 100 people waited in line. A 2 minute walk from our AirBnB we had no idea why this many people were waiting in line, until we saw the sign. After looking at suggestions and reviews online, everyone suggests this place. If there are any regrets at all, not going to Biscuit Love would be one of them….or our only one.

There are TWO WELL known restaurants within .5 miles of where we stayed, that you must go to. 


Everyone knows Broadway is the place to go. With hundreds of bars I didn’t know how to narrow down a few to stop at. Or to leave it out because the busy bars will be very noticeable! The first night we tried to hit as many bars as we could so we could get a feel for the land. As the weekend progressed we found ourselves at the same bars, multiple times. All I can say is to go to as many bars as you wish, there are all fun and have GREAT live music, but as far as what we liked best I will list them below. Take these for what they are worth!


1. Crazy Town Rooftop – the best day DRINK. A huge rooftop overlooking the skyline, one of the better views from up-top. Picnic tables and high-tops. Offers a great live-band and ambiance

2. Tooties – Stamp IT, “NASHVILLE” Some people say this is a night time bar, I wouldn’t disagree, we came here both day and night, yet the day time offered a way better vibe. This place is the standard Nashville bar. This was the first place we walked into on Broadway and truly gives you the AUTHENTIC NASHVILLE feel. Seems original and authentic. Would suggest this for day or night. Live band is unreal.


1. Dierks Bentley (DAY/NIGHT) – Whiskey Row – Bottle Service This place offers an open concept main floor with some legitimate live bands. Seems like a newer establishment to me, but the environment is top notch. The upstairs is a whole new world. A small club with a DJ at 10:30, plays absolute bangers. Hot spot for bachelorettes parties and bottle service. Dance the night away before FGL HOUSE here. Doesn’t get too messy

2. FGL House – Drunk Singalong – The first time we walked into the main floor of this bar, it was empty. There is a main floor, downstairs, bars on your way upstairs and a rooftop/nightclub. This was the largest bar we went to and biggest party. Sweaty, wet, and a BIG karaoke PARTY. Must go to, YOU must wait in line (be patient, it goes by fast), must end your NIGHT HERE. When you get upstairs you enter an entirely new world.

3. Tin ROOF – you can hear your friends..for onceCheap drinks and booths to sit in and no lines. This was more of our post pregame before we would make our way to the busier bars. Stopped here for a few drinks, could talk to each other sit down and get a drink right away. NICE CHANGE OF PACE.

4. Honkey Tonk – SardinesThe music was incredible, but you could hardly move around, fun experience but didn’t last long. A must see, must go to, but don’t go for too long.

There are many bars we missed, but these are some we took note on and wanted to share. WALK DOWN BROADWAY, YOU WONT MISS A THING AGAIN!!!!!

These are suggestions from our experience, an experience that lasted a weekend. Take these tips with a grain of salt. This isn’t the right way to visit Nashville this is just our way! I really hope this helps you in away way when planning/visiting NASHVILLE!