The Controversial Debate Over The Middle Seat Armrests

No one ever happily picks a middle seat…but plane etiquette stills needs to be addressed for those late, Basic Economy travelers. I’m a window guy myself (if I had the option), and always pick a good time to go to the bathroom. Some examples are: when other passengers get up, hopefully, a middle seat, before and after meal service, and when I can’t hold it. Who’s to blame? The truth is, I fly basic, but unlike most, I’m not your typical Basic traveler…

Here’s how I see it…

Everyone knows the middle seat is the worst, everyone. The kids know it, even the people that have never been on a plane know it. This rule is universal – car rides, couch assignments, even the dinner table (debatable). What I’m trying to say is the person sitting middle is clearly vulnerable, a nuisance.

Window and aisle seat travelers have a responsibility to communicate and give up their inside armrest. But I’ll leave that up to you. Your character depends on it. What happened to the use of our voices? A-B-C and D-E-F need to come together and make the ride enjoyable for everyone. There is nothing worse than the aisle who thinks their too cool to be flying coach and the middle seat who has never flown before.

Its safe to say we all agree the middle passenger sucks! Why?

  1. They are an inconvenience
  2. They were late to pick a seat
  3. They are careless and don’t care about you
  4. Cheap and didn’t consider your comfort

Now, none of these might be true, but the aisle and window seat clearly has the advantage and that’s where the debate comes in. Does middle seat get both armrests? I believe YES!