Madi brings her background in Advertising to the forefront of traveler Travel. She currently holds a role as an Account Manager working in digital content strategy and management and is a key liaison to business clients. Her experience in advertising transcends to foster relationships with traveler Travel’s clients and brings a deep understanding of the digital capacities.

“The digital world drives our culture and it is my goal to be in it as much as possible.”

Additionally, Madi works as an independent travel consultant alongside Adam at Travel Leaders. Through this role, Madi is able to craft itineraries around different hoteliers, tourism boards and suppliers and their business goals, offerings and objectives.



Adam is an an ex-student/athlete at Bemidji State University,, born and raised in the suburbs of the twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul). His family operates a Travel Business in Minnesota, and as the years pass, the more he has been involved.

Adam grew a passion for travel at a young age, the more freedom he was given, the more adventure he tried to consume. While he developed a love for documenting and creating with a degree in marketing, he was driven to be apart of this content heavy world.  He moved into a digital marketing position with Travel Leaders, managing social channels, paid campaigns and business development. Collectively, Adam and his partner Madi have built a platform to share their travel knowledge and experiences with you. Unfiltered and unpolished, in hopes to bring a new wave of content into a saturated travel influencing world