Our Guide to Sydney’s Beaches

 Year-round Sydneysiders, tourists, and surf junkies find themselves on the renowned shores of Sydney’s beaches. Local surfers catch the high tide, Aussie sun-kissed bronzed bodies decorate the golden sand and tourists rush to the iconic Bondi Beach or the quaint surf town Manly.

Defined by the rugged Pacific coastline, Sydney’s beaches are a humbled escape from the loud lively CBD. The vibe is relaxed and flirty, encouraging a social atmosphere with a laid back attitude. Enjoy our favorites, and if you don’t see one you love to send us a rec for us to check out next time.


The Bondi Icebergs

The golden crescent shore of the Iconic Bondi Beach is favorited by many. Bondi Beach is among the world’s greatest and is Sydney’s most famous, located just 8km outside of the city centre.

Consistent waves draw surfers into the blue, while local snobs can be found swimming year-round at the Bondi Icebergs Club, and tourists catch the impressive scenery of the coastline on the famous Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.

Sydneysiders looking for a break from the city nestle into the surfside cafés on Hall Street, while backpackers frequent the sandy pubs and the many backpackers digs found here.

Bondi is gorgeous, lively and authentic. Let’s not skip this one.


As you find the end of the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, watch as the sheer sandstone cliffs dramatically stop again and collide with the golden sanded arch of Coogee Beach. The relaxed, seaside suburb is modest compared to neighboring Bondi, extending a unique character to the Sydney beach scene.

Ocean pools can be found cutting into the headlands while the gold-dusted sand is covered with relaxed, sun-soaked bodies. Catch the high tides or dive with marine life at nearby Gordon’s Bay. Endless sun and rolling waves are a common theme here.

On Sundays at sunset, catch the local socialites and partygoers reveling in fine cocktails and live music at the Coogee Pavilion. Sydneysiders make this a premium event, glamoured head-to-toe in their top Aussie fits.

Relax and unwind at this cozy and humbled beachside town and enjoy the inimitable shores of Coogee Beach.


Sydneysiders unwind in the chilled-out southern suburb of Maroubra, local markets and long stretches of sand are only a few of the main attractions.

Top surfers in Australia find the waves reliable and trusting at one of Sydney’s best-surfing beach.

Small crowds, talented surfers and charming markets draw the curious and adventurous. Although less popular than eastern beaches close to the city centre, Maroubra is untouched by busyness and is matchless to the rest.


Manly, a laidback surf town juxtaposed with an alluring beach paradise on an endless coastline, just a fleeting ferry ride from the city.  The genuine Australian charm that seemingly dissipates at notorious Bondi, restores itself on these golden shores.

Fresh off the boat, appreciate your first take on Manly. Waterfront seafood eateries, harbourside bars, and white sails decorate the wharf, a brief but telling story of Manly.

The Corso, a pedestrian-only strip, is the main hub for savory eats and authentic Aussie surf shops. Reaching the end of the wide pathway, the Australian Open of Surfing host beach perches, glowing in the beaming, ozone-less sun.

Surfers dot the crashing waves, local youngins skate by on the boardwalk and towering Aussie pines stand above. Sweet and savory smells from the charming beachfront cafes and eateries disseminate in the area.

Manly will have you back more than once, trust me.


Only two western facing beaches exist on the eastern coast of Australia, Shelly claims one. Around Manly’s rugged coastline the shy shelled shore lays tideless.

Snorkelers prune from hours spent underwater at Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, brave folk leap from edging cliffs and kids collect diminutive shells dispersed onshore.

Savor snacks, locate elusive walking trails and float on tideless waters at this charming, coy beach.


Fancy foes, bronzed and gorgeous, sunbathe on the silky sands while suave surfers ride rough high tides.
Back on the eastern Sydney coast, the affluent and good-looking come out to play, earning this spot the name Glamarama. The local trend-setting modelesque socialites seek out Tamarama, with a want to be seen and fit in.

Resting between two giant headlands, cliques nestle on the deep shore, like an exclusive event you wish you were a part of. Your initiation into the ostentatious side of Sydney.

Runners and walkers gaze at the stunning scenery as they pass through on the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk, as Tamarama sits just south of Bondi.

Shores as stunning as the people and sunsets unwavering, here for the views maybe not so much the crowd.


 Down sandy concrete steps, along the Bondi to Coogee path where the sandstone cliffs catch another break, cozy shores and sizable waves grab the attention.

Rough currents captivate courageous surf crowds while sea baths boast an oppositely effortless swim.

Spacious parklands host family cookouts on the barbie while beachside volley courts attract the young locals for a set or two. The vibes are as serene as the view, easy and free with charm and bliss. Yeah, I’d want to go too. 


Tropical shores attract the rich and famous, Sydney’s wealthiest construct beachside holiday homes on the palmy hills. Edged by rolling surf on one side and placid Pittwater on the other, every style indulges here.

TV show “Home And Away” thanks Palm Beach for its breathtaking backdrop, offering celebrity spottings on a regular schedule. Locals replicate these iconic idols, lives fancy and pretentious in this Hampton-esque town.

Postcard-perfect scenes and photogenic eateries like Palm Beach Boathouse wow the visitor, while nearby Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and Sydney’s Great Coastal Walk rob the adventurer’s curiosity.

Australia’s soap opera, a gorgeous getaway for any jet-setter.