Best Spots for a Gin & Tonic in Amsterdam


Gin and tonics are a staple across the world, the classic cocktail might sound a little unexciting to seek out when visiting the Dutch region but the global revival for the simple drink is hitting Amsterdam. Mixologists and veteran bartenders are taking a new approach on these drinks, starting with the ratio of gin to tonic and refined garnishes. Amsterdam is an emerging city in the G&T scene, here is our list of the best spots to taste one of the refreshing renditions on the classic drink.



Offering over 60 different kinds of gin, this top spot mixes in fresh fruits, herbs and spices for some of the most unique G&T options possible.



When visiting Amsterdam, Foodhallen should absolutely be on your list. In the center of all the food vendors is the Gin & Tonic Bar. With a wide selection of fresh and sophisticated garnishes, the drinks are not only refreshing but fun to look at too.



If the name contains the word ‘gin’ you can expect to find a pretty damn good G&T there. Mossel & Gin has a classic list of G&T’s with exceptional flavors. You can also enjoy authentic Dutch fries and mussels for a perfect pairing on their charming terrace patio.



You have probably read about this place for other reasons, that being their reputation for fine burgers. We are including this one on our G&T list because of the speakeasy in the back bar serving up these delicious beverages. Be sure to visit the one at Albert Cuypstraat.


The Conservatorium Hotel, timeless and elegant, is a perfect destination for not only its exceptional atmosphere but also its good food and modern G&Ts.  On Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s enjoy electronic beats by the resident DJ. While you decide on your G&T of choice, indulge in their selection of Asian fusion bites. NOTE: This place is more expensive than your usual G&T spot.