Flying with Fiji Airways

Flying with Fiji Airways makes Fiji a getaway that is closer and cheaper than you expect. Fiji is a destination that I cannot recommend enough, and many fear to get there is too much travel or expensive. Getting to Fiji is actually quite easy from most parts of the world on Fiji Airways. Now, Fiji Airways is running direct flights from major cities around the world and the best part, the flights are quite affordable.



You may think that since Fiji is a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean, it is expensive to get to. However, Fiji Airways makes it easy to avoid paying a high cost for excellent service and direct flights.

Flying on Fiji Airways from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu to Nadi costs, on average, $900 USD or less. Prices like that price are incomparable to other international destinations in the South Pacific.

The cost of flying from Australia or New Zealand on Fiji Airways is under $500 return on most occasions.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul are also very inexpensive, costing under $700 return.




Fiji Airways has direct flights to and from major cities across the world. The cities included are, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Fiji Airways also services direct US flights to other cities throughout the South Pacific. From the USA, you can fly direct to places like Australia, New Zealand or Samoa.




All international flights include 1 free checked bag for Economy and 3 free checked bags for Business. You are allowed 1 cabin bag under 7kg in Economy and 2 cabin bags under 7kg in Business.


Wherever you are flying from, the check-in process at the Fiji Airways counter is simple and quick. No surprises or extra charges, you can tell they acknowledge the Fiji way of life with how much care each worker puts into your travel process.


The boarding process on Fiji Airways happens quickly and efficiently. Unlike a lot of other airlines, Fiji Airways starts boarding the last rows of the plane first. Business Class is free to board at any time.

When you get onboard your Fiji Airways flight and prep for your next 8 hours, you can expect the utmost service and comfortability. In your seat, you will find headphones, a pillow and blanket, and movie screens on the seatback in front of you.



If you are traveling to Fiji from the US or Asia, your flight time will be 8+ hours. It is important to know what to expect when flying long distances on any airline. Here is the low down on what to expect with Fiji Airways.


The seat pitch on Fiji Airways offers a full range of reclining, offering a comfortable long haul flight without interruption. During meal services you are required to be fully upright, however, when your seat is pitched you can expect little disruption to the person behind you.


There are two meal services on long haul flights with Fiji Airways, which are typically breakfast and dinner. On overnight flights dinner is served about 45 minutes after takeoff and you have one option, each entreé comes with a few sides and beverages of your choice. The breakfast service starts three hours before landing and again, offers one option. In our opinion, food on Fiji Airways is average but filling.


Entertainment screens on Fiji Airways are pretty small and low-res, nonetheless they have entertainment so no complaints necessary here. Movie selection is slim and random, there are a few tv shows and games as well.



We had the opportunity to hang out in the Fiji Airways lounge before departing Nadi. Let’s just say it was the best way to relax on Fiji time one last time before departing on our 11-hour flight home. Read more on our Fiji Airways Lounge experience here.