What is the difference between you and travel influencers? They are traveling…(video)

Travel influencers are back in action filling our feeds. Slowly but surely.

What is the difference between travel influencers and us, the common traveler? Outside of staying at luxury hotels, flying first class, sexy and expensive camera gear, they are traveling to the select few international destinations that are open to US tourists. Here are some notable figures that are on the road.

Gypsea Lust and Doyoutravel

Gypsea Lust and DoYouTravel have officially reunited a last and after 24 hours of being together, they were off on their first trip. Rent a yacht for all of their friends in the middle of Indonesia. Not a bad start

Chelsea Kaui

…and friends started in Tulum, Mexico, and ended up in French Polynesia, snorkeling and hanging in overwater bungalows, casually. Life is good.


Christian Leblanc, a escaped the 9-5 kind of guy, found himself in Dubai of all places. With a recent collaboration with Visit Dubai, he has been chilling in robes at the penthouse and enjoying some quality time at the Atlantis the Palm – a majestic ocean-themed luxury resort in Dubai.

Thomas Brag

And last but not least Thomas Brag from yes theory, a YouTube channel, also found himself in Dubai with another campaign with Visit Dubai

After his short stint there, he managed to make his way with other creators and influencers to northern Iraq, of all places. Thomas is there with Drew Binsky, a video creator documenting his travel around the world. He tends to find himself in the strangest damn situations, visiting 191 countries. Side note there are 195 countries in the world – I think

It’s safe to say travel influencers are ‘fearless’. Traveling during a pandemic how bold of them. We believe, if their main stream of income didn’t depend on travel, they would be the ones telling us not to travel. Maybe those are terrible speculations, but many ignore the questions and concerns of their followers as if encouraging someone to fly or pushing an “its safe to travel agenda” is dangerous. Maybe that’s the right move, from a PR perspective.

In my mind, the industry needs their support, after all, they are game-changers, the few pieces of it still standing tall, or at least appearing to be…