Comedian Tim Dillion Rants About The Type of People That Live For Cruising (video)

The cruise industry crashed.

More recently they have now found new life, very little, but something people can get excited about – a plan.

The recent news lifted the cruising ban that was in place since March. Ships are bringing back crew and practicing new safety measures before a clearance with the CDC. Passenger cruising is still a long way out, but one wild group is looking forward to the future.

Ya know, the ones that live for cruising, buffet-style lunch, and chicky entertainment. The type of vacationers that love spending time on a floating metal vessel in the open ocean and sleep in dormitory-style cabins. Those people are ready to pack and get on their next cruise, despite any covid-19 concerns.

Cruising typically carries a bad rep, but this cult is itching to get back to the seas. Tim Dillion breaks down what this group looks like in an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.