Bring Your College Pennant to This Restaurant In Florence, Italy

Salumeria Verdi, in Florence, Italy, also known as Pino’s, gets a lot of hype from students and tourists alike. This place has been around since 1900. 115 years. Pino, the now owners has been in charge for more than 20 of those.

Something many travelers get wrong is quickly assuming all popular restaurants and attractions are tourist traps. Maybe that’s not all wrong, but a trap for all the right reasons.

Legend says, “Pino speaks fluent English and his excitement anytime someone walks through the door is just an added benefit to his delicious sandwiches.”

In my mind, shops like Pino’s perfectly encapsulate experiences abroad, the ones that start with, “Remember that time we went to Pino’s?”

A classic towny pub; ridiculously cheap prices, character, and local flare. All one could ask for when looking for a quick bite to eat.

Pro Tip 1:  Everything, including the beer, 2 paninis, and pasta, came to less than 20 euros. The panini and pasta are only 3.50 euro each.

Pro Tip 2: Pino has collected a plethora of college pennants that hang above the bar from all the students abroad. Bring yours to leave a mark on one of the best sandwich shops in all of Florence.




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