Our Guide to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a novelty. You have to see the tourist destinations no matter the cost. From my point of view, the most popular attractions steer tourists away, but there is a reason these stops are what they are.

As complex as this stop may seem online, I am here to give you all the insight you need for a seamless experience.

Purchasing tickets, how and where. What is worth your money, transportation, tips and how to best enjoy this STAPLE.



The Blue Lagoon offers a variety of packages, Madi has curated a detailed post on how to do this and what they offer.

Recommend following her post and booking online. CLICK HERE FOR POST.


When arriving to the airport you have to make the decision whether your first stop will be Blue Lagoon. Follow along if you plan to do so, I highly recommend it for many reasons. The main reason is distance.

Airport to Blue Lagoon – 15-20 minutes

Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik – 40-50 minutes


When you get to Blue Lagoon with luggage, there is a house that stores it with security for $4.50 a piece. You receive a ticket and pay when you leave. Crazy convenient and less stressful than we imagined.


Your transportation can be booked online with your Lagoon tickets. Highly suggest booking your transportation from Blue Lagoon to your next destination, but NOT from the airport. Will explain why below.

From the airport to Blue Lagoon (15-20 minutes)

Dependent on your group size you have two options.

Take a cab or take the shuttle.

CAB – we paid 80 US for a private sprinter van to take us there. 4 Total Persons.

The cabs are easily accessible right outside the airport, many waiting. When exiting outside of the airport go left and choose from the available cabs. Walk up and ask politely if they can bring you to Blue Lagoon. You’re in.

Shuttle – “Destination Blue Lagoon” offers a coach bus to and from the Lagoon. You can book this before or at the airport. Because your arrival time is always tentative, I recommend booking at the airport. Before exiting there is a booth you can do this.

Price is PER PERSON.

BREAKDOWN – $20 a person from Airport

$23 a person from Lagoon to Hostel

We took the 1:15PM shuttle and no matter what time you originally book online you can hop on any available shuttle.




Purchased Comfort tickets = one free drink, face mask, towel.

To be honest, no reason to purchase a different package. The other added amenities are unnecessary.

*You need no more than 2 hours here*

Check out the pools, go to the hot part (in the back), go under the waterfall, sit in the sauna (near the waterfall), and throw the “face mask” all over your body, laugh, wash it off, and you did it.

One regret: not flying my drone to get a better idea of how this is mapped out. Pictures will never show how it truly looks.


Awesome to see, great experience, even better to check off the list.

Expensive, but as mentioned before, one of those things I recommended doing, and doing once.