The Parties in Europe are Different. Traveling Abroad to Party? Read this.

Traveling abroad is untouched territory for most. When you travel to Europe in most cases, many of the countries below are on your list, or at least they should be. If you enjoy a drink, meeting new people, or looking to link up, here is your guide to finding the best party in the best cities in Europe. Nightclubs, dives, and cocktail bars, curated for your night out.

Ibiza, Spain

Naturally. Check out favorite bars and clubs in Ibiza.

This is a ‘one-and-done’ destination. The partying is expensive, entry charges can cost you around 70 Euros and drinks 15 Euros+. We highly recommend a day drink – rent a boat or hop on a booze cruise (they sell tickets everywhere for this). Either way, Ibiza will swallow you up and spit ya out – worth it.

Mykonos, Greece

  1. Scandanavian Bar and Disco
  2. Narghile
  3. at54 Club and Lounge
  4. Babylon Bar
  5. Queen of Mykonos – cocktail bar
  6. Cavo Paradiso – every party guide
  7. Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant
  8. Super Paradise Beach Club
  9. Remezzo – quaint terrace overlooking the port

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of its kind. I will always remember leaving a club at 4 AM with no shoes on. We walked out the door and instantly felt beach sand. The shoes were in my hand, along with a hot dog I bought from a vendor outside.

Check out our full Barcelona guide here

Find a list of clubs and bars below:

  1. Sala Apolo – go on Monday’s
  2. Razzmatazz – the biggest club
  3. City Hall
  4. Otto Zutz – club
  5. Marula – Gothic quarter
  6. Sutton – fancy club
  7. Sidecar – dive

Beachfront clubs:

  1. CDLC
  2. Shoko
  3. Opium
  4. Pacha Barcelona
  5. Catwalk
  6. Hotel W – WetDeck

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

  1. De Marktkantine
  2. Belushi’s
  3. Café Amsterdamned
  4. Shelter
  5. Club NYX
  6. Kopstootbar Amsterdam
  7. Escape
  8. Jimmy Woo
  9. The Waterhole
  10. Tolhuistuin
  11. De School
  12. OT301
  13. Oedipus Brewing

Protip – visit the Hangover Information Center. Open Thursday – Sunday and stays open until after midnight during the weekend. “A vitamin-packed supplement called Reset that’s designed to neutralize hangovers”.

Stockholm, Sweden

How are people not talking about Stockholm?

Albufeira, Portugal

  1. Kiss – 3 dance floors
  2. Matt’s Bar – favorite among visitors
  3. Picadillly Cocktail Bar – in Old Town

Disclaimers: Old Town is a quieter more sophisticated area, entertainers, and a train that runs into the morning.

Prague, Czech Republic

A wild place. If you get the chance – visit during New Years’.

  1. Harleys
  2. Jazz Dock
  3. Lucerna Music Bar
  4. Chapeau Rouge
  5. Karlovy Lázně – one of the largest clubs in Europe
  6. DéjáVu Music Club
  7. Retro Music Hall

Budapest, Hungary

  1. Instant Nightclub
  2. Szimpla Kert – original ‘ruin bar” WTF
  3. Instant
  4. Doboz
  5. Corvin Teto – rooftop terrace
  6. Mazel Tov – Jewish quarter
  7. Anker’t