The Best Places to Get a Burger in Minneapolis

We have come up with our very own list of favorite burgers in Minneapolis, the city we call home. It has been some time since we have devoured a Minnesota burger, but this is a list from our own experiences around town. Anything from your true American burger to the modernized spin on this staple. By popular demand, we want to help you decide where to pig out next.

Matts Bar

$8.00 – The “original” Juicy Lucy. This cheese stuffed burger is pure simplicity. American cheese inside two thin patties with seasoned pure beef for a charred exterior. The bun, simple, and the meat, gushing yet controlled with cheese that will wait till your first bite.

The Nook

$8.00 (St. Paul) – The competitor for the original “Juicy Lucy”. Like the old adage says, “if you aint first, you are last”. The Nook is a well establish joint located in St. Paul, a pub atmosphere in a residential area. The juice gushes and the cheese melts in your mouth. Everything from the environment to their fries is hands down classic.

Blue Door

$7.00 (St.Paul & Minneapolis) – Order the “Classic”, the right amount of seasoning and the right amount of bun, molten cheese finds its way in every bite. Get here at your odd dinner time, elbow to elbow most days! Tight quarter.


$15.00 – A downstairs speakeasy feel to this hidden gem has one of the best burgers in Minneapolis. A small yet rewarding menu, but without looking, one will tell you to order the burger. No garnish, no distractions, the burger is served and all eyes are on this beauty.


$13.00 – Located in South Minneapolis. Traditional cooking, American food, there is no better cook than the one that grew up eating this stuff. The Minnesotan has grown a reputation for only serving their food, the way they cook it. No modification, no sneaky twist, “you either like their way or have a nice day”. Served on a thin patty, one will be very surprised when the mixture melts away in your mouth.


112 Eatery

$10.00 – A burger topped with Brie? Squished between an English muffin? We went out of our comfort zone with this one, but a mandatory move to explore every burger the area has to offer. A crispy exterior and squishy interior your taste buds instantly activate as your teeth sink in. We will let you take it from there.

Lions Tap

$10.00  – Our light burger option, but if you are not committed to the burger this is not the place to come for an opt out plan B. Simplicity is the only way to describe it. If you are hungry for a burger but cannot decide, come here!


$15.00 – With an intimate yet edgy vibe, you would not expect to get a burger her, but for chef Peter Hoff, a cook from California, this burger is an art. And a so-called rip-off of the infamous double-double at “In-N-Out”. From the golden bun to the thousand-island style sauce this is the burger you want while a few drinks deep. Ooooeyyy goooey.

5-8 Club

$13.00 – Another so called “originator” of the Juicy Lucy. From all the burger joints in the twin cities, there is nothing that screams simplicity more than the 5-8 club. You can get your pull tabs and sit at a high top, but when the cheese pours out, you are taken to a world of burger heaven. And in an instant, you understand why everything is the way it is. Simple as that.