Airline that attempted to change the game – Hooters Air (video)

Despite never dining in a Hooters, we imagine Hooter’s Air wasn’t much different.

There is something to be said about Bob Brooks, owner of Hooters at the time before bringing his “breastaurant” to the air. No restaurant in the history of the world has ever started an airline.

In 2003, Hooters Air took to the skies with 2 of their very own Hooters Girls aboard wearing their signature orange shorts and white tank. A classic Halloween costume…

According to Business Insider, “in addition to the Hooters servers, three FAA-certified flight attendants were also aboard every flight, and they were the ones who served food and drinks to passengers.”

Since the girls were not FAA certified they could not perform tasks a flight attendant could; closing airplane doors and pushing food carts. How technical could this be? But what the Hooters Girls did on board might be shocking. According to our sources, they were there to entertain and ask trivia questions…

Experts say the cheap domestic flights were the selling point…airfares were $129 each way. Being based out of Myrtle Beach, the airline’s demographic was golfers flying to Myrtle Beach, go figure.

There is great respect for Hooters employees. A sorority of sorts. No restaurant or airline job like it. When 2006 hit and the brand lost 40 million, Hooters Air ceased operations and went back to what they were good at, beer and wings, on land. No Hooters employee would ever get the chance to work the skies again. With that said, do people still go to Hooters?

Like sports cheerleaders, Hooters will remain? a place to take pictures with girls who would never acknowledge your existence otherwise. And for that reason, we wish we would have flown Hooters Air.

A much cooler photo opp, with a flight attendant.