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traveler was founded by Adam Lovick, a digital marketer in the travel industry, and Madi Verschaetse, a content strategist with extensive experience in the digital space. Additionally, both Madi and Adam hold roles with Travel Leaders, a full-service travel agency based in the U.S. 

We’ve combined our dynamic experiences in ways that best leverage digital opportunities in front of us. We specialize in content strategy and creation, through photo, video, and strategic storytelling, ultimately information to travelers. For the common traveler, by the common traveler.

With the freedom to reach and inspire travelers through the interconnected present, relatable and valuable content lives in the thread of traveler Travel’s mission. The way an audience sees and feels a brand is how they connect to it, in order to tell those stories we must craft meaning in the message. Our narrow approach to travel marketing has developed deep expertise in travel content. 


who we are

a small collective in search of a new meaning of travel

what we do

driving the way travel media is created and consumed – that is all

our passions

beach hopping in Portugal, New York Pizza, Amalfi Coast affogatos, Barcelona bocadillo, the people of Fiji, Iceland parties, Mykonos bars. In short: food and drinks

more of us

we are everywhere nowadays – even TikTok


Started dating, found cheap flights and took our first trip abroad. Travel with your partner, a great discovery; staying in hostels, getting lost, being in a foreign state, you learn more about each other than any other environment. 


Website soft launch. We learned a lot, about ourselves, our relationship and had a vague understanding of what we wanted to do in our free time. Big vision, no business plan. Onward.


Our biggest year to date. We started investing time and money into this ‘side hustle’ and landed a few trips of a lifetime, together and apart. 2019 took us around the globe and ended with a bang in Fiji. Hungry for more.


With plans to expand our vision, money saved and travel plans on the schedule, we were ready to take on this year. Due to the current situation, we sit patiently, with ideas ready to launch.

0ur goal

traveler Travel aims to create experiential content that is defined and relevant, filling the void a traveler is missing, trust. Our niche is to utilize content to tell our stories of travel, centered around a community of people who want to create their own. We know we are not the only source of inspiration and information, so we take what we know about the industry and add a human element to the words and imagery. We want travelers to think back to content and stories that have not only inspired them, but are also something they can get behind.

coming soon – 2021