Chinese holiday at the Great Wall – a scene we haven’t seen in months 

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Is this good or bad? Are China travelers taking the pandemic seriously? Is this a sign of tourism returning? We leave educated guesses to the experts…I assure you Rafat Ali from Skift will have something to say, maybe not.

We know COVID-19 started in China. Perhaps the big C is an afterthought 9 months later? To any constellation, China is fearless.

This week is the Golden Week holiday, the longest holiday along with the Lunar New Year. Since the start of their 8 day holiday, Chinese travelers are taking advantage of domestic opportunities, exploring the Great Wall. 48,750 visitors a day to be exact.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, “In just the first four days of the holiday, 425 million domestic tourist trips were taken in China — generating more than $45 billion in tourism revenue.”

I truly don’t understand…seems like an outrageous number.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

What are the consequences of gatherings like this? Thousands of people in a tight space, exploring, outside. The truth is, we will never know.

I don’t foresee places like Mount Rushmore or Las Vegas being this busy anytime soon…

I stand corrected…