6 Mistakes Every Traveler Makes

Here are 6 common travel mistakes you don’t even realize…and actionable solutions. These aren’t your typical tips, but once you read them you’ll feel like a veteran. Don’t be a rookie, travel like a pro.

1. No Precheck


$85 for 5 years. TSA Precheck benefits? Don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and a light jacket. To start your business trip or long-awaited vacation you are going to wait in line with the Griswolds? If you travel more than once or twice a year, this membership is worth it. Invest in yourself and leave your shoes on.

2. Dirty Traveler

Even after COVID, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer is a vet play. Keep these things in your carry-on.

3. Your AirPods don’t work

If you are like me, you don’t purposely fly outside Delta, but when that time comes, prepare for it. The Bluetooth capability hasn’t reached sky entertainment, so next time you are looking to watch the Sopranos, remember your classic plug-in headphones. Delta will provide these, but don’t count on it anywhere else.

4. Failed vacation preparation

You can’t drink your own alcohol on the plane, but you can bring them. As long as its under 3 oz. (shooters were made for this), and everything is in one quart-sized zip-lock bag, you are golden. Stop spending money and being sober before your flight. Buy shooters…or refill shooters for your next travel day (before you get on the plane).

Buy these

5. Your APP game is bad


FLIO – best app in the game. “It gives you the low-down on airport amenities (washrooms, charging hub, shortest routes), deals on lounges, ground transportation, food, and shopping in over 800 airports in the world” (www.hongkiat.com).

TSA – find out airport wait times

6. Bad seats

Why are you traveling and what would you like to do when in the air? Pick your seat based on the following:

  1. Avoid turbulence = over the wing has least
  2. Sleep = most quiet in front of the plane
  3. In a hurry = sit on the left side of the plane
  4. Emergency Exit Row = pick the 2nd row instead of the 1st one. Only the 2nd row has reclining seats.
  5. Mid-day flight = If you’re traveling east, choose the right side of the plane. If you’re traveling west, go for the left side of the plane.