4 travelers walk into a bar, then a plane. Which one are you?

Today, we are breaking down each role in your travel group. This list is small but applicable. No bullshit.

We must admit, we’ve seen all the lists out there. Our conclusion is there are only 4 types. Sure, at certain times we all carry a little bit of each, but for every trip, naturally, these 4 roles are claimed.

The planner:

Two weeks before the flight, this one has a shared google doc with a strongly laid out itinerary. The list consists of restaurants and activities, links, and photos. You could sell the guidebook to Rick Steves if Rick liked golf (love you, Rick). The planner likes hosting and controlling the outcome. Once in the destination, every move is calculated, it has to make sense.

If the group wants to go out and party, the planner is scheduling an Uber for the way home, and whoever isn’t in the Uber when it arrives, will be left behind. An organized jackass. The planning is appreciated, but their loyalty is questionable.

The skeptic:

Loyal, but a skeptic. Calculated risk, always. The skeptic is comfortable by the pool ordering Mai Tai’s and mozzarella sticks, generously tipping the server. He bonds with the ‘planner’. Put a wrench in their expectation of how the day is going to go, and the world is melting. What if’s, why’s and how about’s. The skeptic might question the outcome of everything, but they are grounded in their values, and that’s something we can appreciate from time to time.

The wildcard:

The wildcard to us is important in completing a travel group. Cut your losses and admit this role is good for a laugh, and we need more of that. They tend to hold everyone up because they can’t find their chapstick. On the contrary, ‘the wildcard’ likes surprises, out of nowhere they might break out a bag of goodies or some party trick. ‘The partier’ overlaps with this role, but they are different. When ‘the partier’ is dancing on the bar, ‘the wildcard’ is looking for late-night grits and brings home a stray cat (true story).

The partier:

Pretty self-explanatory. Circumstances of a decision are rarely accounted for. They foot the bill at the airport bar and never look back. The first one at the swim-up the bar and the last one to leave before dinner reservations. First name basis with the hotel staff. Their energy is collective; everyone drinking, everyone partying. If you are hesitant to join, they will barter, and convince you to see an upside. Resilient to make good times.

The truth is, every character above contributes-some are just larger than others, but we don’t discriminate. Nor do we condone doing drugs or other illegal activities in foreign countries, but that’s neither here nor there.

All bias aside, what jacka** are you? Own that role next time you are on vacation.