10 Travel Necessities For Every Trip | Podcast

We have collectively traveled to places all around the world, requiring us to pack something a little different for each destination.  We have learned from our mistakes, what works, what doesn’t bringing you a list of necessities that can be brought on every trip.

Packing and knowing what to pack doesn’t happen overnight. This is a method you progressively learn over time and what you see below is a list that formed after multiple trips around the world.

Leave a comment below to share what you always bring on your trip.

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Most bags will work for this option, but there is nothing better than having an extra bag to pack necessities in for your long day trip. An empty bag does not require a ton of room in your luggage and will bring you a lot of conveniences.

The North Face Borealis

To buy: Amazon, $124


Most times we don’t bring it, but that’s when it seems most necessary. The Bluetooth speaker that fits anywhere and can get in the dirty areas. We recommend this speaker because unlike most small, inexpensive speakers this one can BUMP and strap to everything which is crucial for hiking, walking or any adventurous activity.

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

To buy: Target, $99


You can find these about anywhere, even on the street vendors of Paris. With that being said, considering how valuable our electronics are, we don’t want to mess around with converters that do not properly work.

WorldWide All in One Universal Travel Adapter

To buy: Amazon, $13


These are many variations of this product, but we are most familiar with Anker and Mophie. Both are solid products, the biggest stressor here is having one. When on a day trip, excursion or long adventure, you never know if or when you’ll need more power. This tool can fit in your pocket and is great for any style of travel.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

To buy: Amazon, $65


Eagle Creek and Osprey brands are what you will see when searching for Zip Cubes, although these brands are solid and popular we like to explore with the cheaper option, but durable and offers a strong ventilation aspect. YOU CANT find a better cube set for this price. The quality, ventilation, mesh aspect to see what is in each bag and how compact these bags get. Shacke brings a whole new aspect to your packing abilities. – Shacke Pak Packing Cube Set 

To buy: Amazon $25

More expensive option: – Flight 001 – Spacepak System 


You don’t need to buy the $5 bottle at the airport. Not only is this for the airport, but having a water bottle on your trip truly makes everything better. Not only is this reusable, but it is also durable and EASY to use. Water bottles cant be broken down to one winner, there are infused bottles, insulated, collapsible and many other variations. Depending on what you are going to do, there is a specific bottle for each activity. But we like to keep it simple.



Nalgene 32 oz. Wide Mouth 

Platypus Platy 2 Liter Collapsible Bottle


Many people think this essential is overrated because in most cases you have to take out your passport to get it scanned, but we use ours more for holding papers. The number of receipts, tickets and other paper printouts, it is a great place to store all your credentials. We travel with ours EVERYWHERE. Acts as a great gift and even better TRAVEL TOOL.

Yeeasy Passport Holder WalletTo buy: Amazon, $15.00


Bringing your own towel seems unnecessary in most cases, but when it is hardly noticeable in your bag, the need to bring it becomes more apparent. Using a towel won’t only come in handy for the times you take a shower. We understand hotels offer them, but this is perfect for hostels, day excursions, and the beach.

-PackTowel original quick-dry

To buy: Amazon, $9.00-$25.00 (comes in different sizes).

More expensive option: Sea to Summit Tek Towel 


Whether you are partying on your vacation or not, Pedialyte comes in handy on many occasions. The best part about this is that comes in powder form and all you need is water. A headache, feel dehydrated after flying, or just want a solid refresher, WE love to bring these along!

Pedialyte Powder – Strawberry Lemonade 

To buy: Amazon, $23


But not your ordinary lint roller. Unlike the normal lint roller design, this one needs no protection and collects more than ever before. Double-sided and easy to travel with, this comes in handy more than you think!

Evercare Magik Brush – Double-sided

To buy: Amazon, $7.00


Honorable Mention:

1. Disinfecting Wipes

2. Resistance Bands

3. Travel Yoga Mat