10 Countries for Budget Travelers

‘Millennials’ are constantly seeking out adventure, but there is something different about how we travel. Although a 2-month jaunt sounds incredible, more short trips are better than fewer long trips in a Millenials eye. Make sense?

Through saving money and hard work, we have managed to travel to some incredible places around the globe, both together and apart. This guide is to share with you what countries are in reach and won’t break the bank.

1. Fiji

Most of us imagine Pacific Island destinations as expensive destinations filled with high priced resorts, food, and services. However, that’s not always the case. Fiji, unlike its expensive island neighbors, is actually relatively cheap to visit. While there are many $1,000-a-night resorts, you can still enjoy the pristine beaches, world-class diving, tasty cuisine, and friendly locals when staying at one of their many backpacker hotels.

Since Fiji is a stopover on Fiji Airlines, you’ll find a lot of flight deals to the country. Many backpackers take advantage of that and a small community has emerged. That means cheap guesthouses, transportation, and activities, especially in the popular Yasawa Islands.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia Bali

Bali has become one of the hottest destinations for 2019, but some of Indonesia’s best can be found on islands like Lombok and Java, or the Komodo islands and rural Flores, or Sumatra, West Nusa Tenggara, or Sulawesi. The options are endless.

Indonesia is next on our list. The white-sand beaches, clear water, and similar island-hopping travel style to Fiji, many resources say you can spend as little as $35 USD a day for mid-range budget travelers. Indonesia is a world that needs to be discovered.

3. Thailand


Thailand is a country that is affordable for most travelers, staying at hostels is doable for less than $10 a night and 5-star hotels can be easily found for less than $100 a night. This destination is perfect for the traveler that wants to spend less and travel longer (YES).

1/3 article disclaimer: This article may seem like we are speaking to the backpacker, couch surfer, or traveler that is willing to wing it, but we want you to know, every country we mention here, there are ways to make the travel cheap; Airbnb’s, the food, the things to do (most free). We want to highlight these countries because they are generally cheap on all fronts. 

4. Cambodia


A boutique hotel is as cheap as $15 USD per night, and a meal in an exclusive restaurant costs no more than $10. Depending on one’s expectations and style of travel, the average daily costs for a backpacker are between $10 and $30 per day. Private rooms in hostels and guesthouses generally go for $5-10 USD per night. With the variety of street vendors, expect to pay anywhere from $1-5 USD per meal. Crazy right? As far as currency goes, there is no need to carry their local currency, you can pay with USD with ease.

For those visiting Angkor Wat, as you should expect to pay around $40 USD per day. For other tours, hikes and entrance fees, it will cost you around $10-20 USD, dependent on where and how popular of course.

5. Portugal

This country is by far one of our favorites to date. From the incredible beach hop opportunities to the local farmers’ market, Portugal has so much to offer and is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Spend time in the Algarve Region, then a road trip to the Capital city, Lisbon. If you have time visit Porto in the north region for world-renowned wine.

Specific to our trip, a 6-day stunt in Portugal left no dent in the wallet. Find more about our trip to Portugal here.

6. Mexico


Mexico inevitably gets a bad rep solely due to the fact that it is the hottest destination in the US market! There is a reason…Mexico has everything; mountains, waterfalls, cenotes, beaches, surfing, diving, deserts. Street food and groceries store make this trip a lot cheaper, but don’t miss out on traditional food. If you want it to be cheap, you can and if you want to be luxurious, that’s easy too! Each part of Mexico offers something different, with the ability to accommodate a variety of travelers.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

While Costa Rica sometimes gets a reputation for being an expensive and “touristy” destination, there are a few important factors for budget travelers to consider when planning their trip to avoid scams and expenses.

One of the most popular routes of travel in Costa Rica is down the Nicoya Peninsula where beautiful beaches offer travelers great surf and chilled-out accommodation. Costa Rica also has plenty of less-traveled rural towns and beaches, like Playa Nosara, and even National Parks that offer plenty of activities that you can take part in- like zip-lining!

Budget hostels can be found in the form of basic hammocks for just a few dollars or dorm-style hostels for less than $15 a night.

8. Jamaica

9. Philippines


The Philippines are a perfect place to treat yourself – you can find a dorm under $10 and meals under $5. You can also find nicer accommodations for less than $30. A stunning beachside bungalow on Siquijor Island! Excursions are quite affordable too – a dive can be as cheap as $25! Not to mention, the stunning beaches and sunsets are free for everyone.

10. Morocco

We were hesitant visiting Morocco at first, solely because together, it was our first time visiting Africa (Adam’s second). We were traveling around Southern Europe and decided to take the small jump over. This country being so close, you can get there for very cheap.

North Africa isn’t known for tourism, but Morocco is the most stable country there. While we ran into many pushy local barters selling you overpriced rugs, cab rides, and tours, it is quite cheap otherwise. Depending on your budget, our favorite part of this trip was staying in some of the iconic riads—traditional hotels with garden courtyards offering a pleasant relief from all the noise in a ruckus in the heart of Marrakech. This style of accommodation can be found in many places in Morocco, but we highly recommend spending time in Medina. The backpacker community is growing in Morocco, and we encourage a trip to this destination.